Cristina Lojo-Seoane

PhD in Clinical Psychology and Psychobiology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), 2012 with the thesis dissertation "Effect of the cognitive reserve on mild cognitive impairment"; and Master Official Degree in Psychogerontology from the USC. She is researcher in several projects on psychology and aging since 2010 and currently she is assistant professor at USC’s Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology. Coordinator of the Psychological Service on Psychogerontolgy at USC that provides assessment, diagnosis, counseling and intervention for normal ageing, people with Mild Cognitive Impairment and dementia and for their families and caregivers. She has participated as researcher in the CompAs study on the process of normal and pathological aging. Her current research interests are the study of cognitive impairment in its early stages, including its early detection and its non-pharmacological approach; the cognitive reserve; longitudinal studies of cognitive aging; and the use of assistive technologies. She has clinical expertise in counseling and affective and cognitive therapies in normal aging and persons with mild cognitive impairment and dementia.