Complutense University of Madrid: CogPsi_Lab

As a result of more than 15 years of work in different research projects funded by public institutions and with own funding, neuropsychological data have been collected from a large sample of participants that allow us to conduct studies with a great scientific impact in the aging research area as well as in the early detection of neurodegenerative diseases. The following is a list from which our neuropsychological data come:

  • Assessment of everyday memory problems in older people: Spanish adaptation of the Rivermead-III Behavioral Memory Test (IMSERSO 119/2007).

  • Aging in the Spanish population: Identification of biomarkers and their relationship with cognitive performance (PR26 / 16-22B-1).

  • Analysis of alterations in cognitive functions and behavioral disorders in mild cognitive impairment as predictors of dementia (PSI2009-13598-C02-02).

  • Elements to understand the complaints of subjective memory in aging: effects of training in cognitive tasks and in the reorganization of functional networks (PSI2012-38375-C03-03).

  • Cognitive and neurophysiological hallmarks of subjects at high risk of developing dementia: monitoring the effects of cognitive training (PSI2015-68793-C3-3-R).

  • Study of the anatomo-functional connectome of Alzheimer’s Disease family members: an early intervention in cognitive and lifestyles (RTI2018-098762-B-C31).